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We are a team of young, international, professional teachers, who have a passion for languages ​​and different cultures. Thanks to our experience and experience with the latest educational methodologies, we can help our students to learn fast in a personalized, fun and flexible way. We are committed to creating a learning environment tailored to you.

Our Story

Our history shapes who we are and what we are able to offer you:


2018: Habla Bonito was founded in London by a Mexican and a Scot; they made a plan to teach Spanish in the UK in a new and innovative way, whilst sharing the magic of Hispanic and Latino cultures, traditions and customs with our British students.


2019: We launched in Mexico City, used the experience gained in London, to provide a unique style of English classes, delivered by native teachers, who were able to share British culture and best practice from British education. We are passionate about languages and determined to provide development tools to Mexicans with the desire to improve themselves both personally and professionally. 


2020: We grew exponentially and evolved! We broadened our experience, increased the size of the team and developed new courses for an additional 8 new languages! Today, we have students in Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Chile and as far as Qatar!


Our mission is to provide high quality educational tools to learn a language, generating confidence and motivation in every student through our talented and experienced teachers.

All of our options are focused on working directly with you, so that you can enjoy learning, see quick results and achieve your goals.


Our vision is to bring together different cultures, businesses and societies through language learning.

Why should you choose to study with Habla Bonito?

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