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At Habla Bonito we have a dream: that everyone can access education. For this reason, our Pay It Forward program was born.

What is it?

It is a program that grants scholarships for English classes to students who do not have the possibility to cover their cost, in order to obtain better job and professional opportunities.

This is thanks to the donations made by people here on our platform.

How does it work?

Anyone can donate (from 50 MXN) to finance pro bono English classes. The money raised goes to a fund that we use to pay the teachers who give classes to those who cannot afford an English course. In other words, the course does not cost anything for the person who receives it.

In 2019, the EF English Proficiency Index (EPI) reported that Mexico ranked 67 out of 100 in English proficiency. Furthermore, only 11.6% of Mexicans speak English.

Today, you have the opportunity to change someone's life!

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"Donating changes the life of the person who receives, and enriches the life of the person who donates."


Thanks to the donors, we currently have 4 scholarship studentswho are part of our online English groups for beginners (adults and children).

Student 1: She is a great woman discovering her potential in her 40s. He has been learning English with us for two months. One of her biggest dreams is to travel abroad and be able to speak English.

Student 2:She is a young university student. He has been learning English with us for two months. You want to learn English so that you have good job opportunities when you graduate in 2022.


Student 3 and 4:They are two little ones. They are siblings and are part of our "English for children" group and are learning rapidly with one of our English teachers.


Student 5:We still don't know who it will be. It is our goal in June to have the necessary resources to be able to join a new student to our basic English group.

Become a change agent and help us so that more people learn English!

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