Business Courses

We have language courses for companies and professionals at Habla Bonito!

We want to work with socially responsible companies like yours that are looking to offer tools to their employees that allow them to work on their personal and professional development.

One of these key tools is the learning of a new language. For this reason, we want to offer you these courses especially designed for the business world.​ We are sure that it's not the same to know how to interact in a common environment versus being in front of a partner or supplier from any other part of the world.

Through this programme we are going to give the necessary resources to each student so they can increase their business vocabulary.

Your employees can learn Spanish or Portuguese in a professional level.

We will create a tailored plan to adequate our classes to the real challenges that your team faces every day. From writing an email with a proposal for a client, attend a videocall, or even to give a talk to hundreds of people. They will have the skills that are needed for any language: listening, grammar, speaking and reading.