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Casa azul Frida Kahlo Coyoacán

The Blue House – Frida Kahlo Museum and Coyoacan Market Tour

Tour in English

Come and practice your English with us while you have the opportunity to learn the secrets of Frida Kahlo and magical hidden corners of Coyoacán. 

You will enjoy this tour, where you will discover many secrets about Frida Kahlo as an artist, activist and Mexican Icon, as well as many magical hidden places in Coyoacan.

Discover Coyoacán with us!

Mexico City Downtown Tour

Tour in Spanish​

Join us for this unique tour and practice your Spanish!

We'll take you to wonderful hidden places in the Historic Center of Mexico City where you will learn much about the history of this beautiful country through the centuries!

We are waiting for you on this unique tour in which we will take you to iconic and magical places in the Historic Center.

Let yourself be taken to the center of CDMX!

Centro Ciudad de México Bellas Artes
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