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In our 1:1 classes, our teachers will design private lessons for you. You help to determine the content as well as agree the schedule of your classes. You can choose to have your classes either in person or online. We recommend online for the maximum flexibility.

Advantages of 1:1 Classes:

  • Classes are available from Monday to Sunday at the time that suits you best

  • Ability to work on the specific skills that need most attention

  • You will receive 100% personalised classes

  • Tuition available to complement language learning at school, even for the youngest students

  • Flexible classes to suit your work, social or personal schedule

  • Online classes allow you to continue learning, even when away from home!

  • Activities and tasks selected to help you study and learn from home

  • Interactive materials and comprehensive support throughout your learning

We have a team of experienced, native teachers who continuously strive to expand their knowledge and skills with innovative teaching methods.

We are always improving and developing new material, tools and techniques!


Online Classes


We know no borders! We offer language classes in Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the European Union, Qatar and…..the rest of the world! 

Our In person classes are available in the following locations: 

  • Mexico (Mexico City CDMX, State of Mexico, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puebla, Queretaro)

  • England (London)

  • Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh)

  • Portugal (Lisbon)​

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